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Congratulations! We've Expanded Locally to Canada via Fulfillment by Amazon

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

As part of AAdvance Instruments' goals to strengthen its offerings and customer experience wherever you are located, we proudly announce the expansion of our business to Canada via FBA.

Customers in Canada can now be provided with free local shipping on selected products in our catalog. Our full catalog products can still be accessed and shipped from the USA, if not yet locally available from Canada's Amazon storefront. Our local catalog for Canada will constantly grow and sync to better serve your needs.

We work hard every day to maximizing our competitive advantage by delivering best lab instruments to the whole world. Launching AAdvance Instruments Canada and scaling our capabilities on Amazon, enables even stronger solutions for our clients to change the world!

To shop, click on one of the buttons below. Items not yet available locally in Canada can still be purchased via our USA storefront. For smaller purchases, an invoice may be sent to you to collect an international shipping fee from the USA to Canada.


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