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12/23/2022: Grounded joint is lightly pre-greased for a smoother feel. Vapor will be well sealed with or without vacuum grease, so grease does not necessarily need to be reapplied.

Glass jar/tank for TLC development purposes. Will comfortably fit in TLC strips for elution. The grounded joint lid will keep your solvent vapor fully contained and saturated inside. The cylindrical shape of the bottle will make it easier for the user to remove the TLC plate with a pair of forceps after development, compared to a rectangular or square interior shape.

Inner diameter 4.5 cm, inner height 6/7.5/9 cm. Weight 160 g. See photos for more measurements.

The 6 cm jar will fit up to 6.5 cm long TLC plates. (Discontinued)

The 7.5 cm jar will comfortably fit up to 2.5 cm x 8 cm, or 3 cm x 7.5 cm TLC plates.

The 9 cm jar will fit up to 8 cm x 3 cm TLC plates. (Discontinued, but available upon request)

Can also be used for multi-purpose general storage.

TLC Developing Glass Jar Bottle for TLC Strips (w/Sample Strips & Forceps incl.)

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