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1. The scribbler head can be replaced once it has become worn, which a spare is included with the purchase of a cutter set. You will have one installed on the machine, and one separate spare.

2. The white measuring plate can be removed, if your TLC plate happens to be too thick to fit(usually when cutting preparative TLC plates).

3. You may cut glass plates of up to 20cm wide, and of any length.

4. The side screw fixed onto a turning-knob is for controlling the stop position of the scribbler, so that one can prevent the scribbler from cutting off of the glass plate and chipping off a small piece.

5. Usually, start from the far side relative to the screw, and cut towards the screw.

Glass TLC Plate Cutter up to 20cm Wide General Glass Cutter

  • Accepted within 30 days Buyer pays return shipping

  • Ships from NY

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