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  • Exquisite Li-ion battery / DC powered 254 + 365nm dual wavelength UV lamp. Model number: AI-2UV20DC.
  • This lamp uses two G6T5 6W bulbs, one each for 254 nm and 365 nm. Being battery powered and cordless makes it especially convenient for many applications difficult with an AC powered plug-in UV lamp. At the same time, this lamp can also be used with the power plugged in, like a laptop computer.
  • FREE EXTRA OPTION: This lamp can be used as 254 nm x2 (shortwave, UVC) or 365 nm x2 (longwave, UVA), according to the bulb. If desired, we can prepare the unit for exclusive 254 nm (double the brightness, 6W bulb x2) or 365 nm with no extra fee. This may be very useful if your application only needs one wavelength, while you can get double the lighting intensity (when powering on both bulbs at the same time). Simply send us a message before or right after your purchase.
  • The lithium battery will supply up to 7 hours of power for a single bulb when new. Universal 100-240V input for DC charger.
  • A TLC plate illumination example with 254nm provided in photos. 15cm from plate. Half-sheet letter paper used for 365 nm demonstration. Both wavelength images taken under well-lit, unshaded room lighting conditions, and one can see the high-quality brightness. Will also work as an entry-level mineral lamp.
  • Have peace of mind in shopping: 30-day returns and 1 year warranty. As one of our flagship products, we will proudly cover parts and labor for one year after receipt of item (3 months for bulb, 6 months for battery).

UV Lamp 6W 254+365nm Cordless Li-ion Batt./DC Power w/ vis. light filter UVA UVC

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