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Handheld 254nm/365nm UV lamp AI-0UV19. 4w bulb for 254nm. Powered by 4 AA batteries. Rechargeable batteries and charger INCLUDED.
Small, lightweight and especially convenient for being cordless. For lab and many other uses. Unit size 16x5.5x2.5 cm.

A blank TLC plate illumination example with 254nm provided in photos. Image taken under moderate room lighting conditions. Intended for close-up indoor use, but will also work as an entry-level mineral lamp. Demonstration photo shown with mineral rocks of various fluorescence intensity, in a completely dark room, held at a distance of 20 cm (8 inches), using the 254 nm.

5/18/2020: Product upgraded with better bulb and stronger battery. The replacement 254 nm bulb fully suitable for this lamp can be found here:

UV Lamp 254nm/365nm Handheld Shortwave Longwave Blacklight Batteries Included