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Classic TLC silica plates, GF254 (Silica gel with gypsum as binding agent, fluorescence background at 254nm), 60 Å pore size. Convenient plastic backed pre-cut strips to save time and labor.

What's ideal is that these plates have neutral silica (pH 6-7) instead of the more common acidic silica (pH=5) for TLC silica plates. The neutral silica make the plates compatible with running compounds with an amino group even without the need of adding triethylamine. 
At the same time non-amino compounds behave the same as on acidic TLC plates. 

Actual examples performed with the plates have been uploaded for users to see. In listing photo 5 & 6, highly similar diethyl maleate and dimethyl maleate are spotted on the plates and eluted with different ratios of ethyl acetate : hexanes, showing a gradual change of Rf.

TLC Silica Plates Plastic Backed GF254 2.5 x 6.5/7.5 cm Precut Strips

  • 120 plates per box, 2.5 cm x 6.5 cm size. 

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