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• The extra thin diameter of these tubes makes it especially suitable for spotting aluminum or plastic backed type of TLC plates that usually have thinner silica coating than glass plates. Compared to thicker tubes, it avoids the spot from getting too large. It also saves your effort of splitting one draw-volume into spotting several times, needing to blow-dry or air-dry in between.

With a relatively large quantity of 500 or 1500 tubes, at a highly affordable price, one can say goodbye to reusing capillary tubes in TLC spotting (or any other application), other than perhaps using both ends once each. Save the time, effort, washing solvent and risk of contamination, and focus on more important aspects of your research!

• Convenient packaging with 1.5mm diameter hole on cap for easy tube drawing without need to open the cap or keeping it open all the time.

• As shown in photos, approximate spotting volume as tested for water is 65mm x (0.12mm)^2 x 3.14 = 2.9µL. Testing method used is having the tube at a straight up angle and allowing the liquid to keep on climbing until it stops. If spotted at a tilted angle the draw volume can be larger.

• Most organic solvents will climb up to a lesser height, and have a smaller draw volume than water. On average about half the amount.

• Made of borosilicate glass


Xtra Thin Capillary Tubes Glass 0.2-.25mm x 100mm 500-1500/pk TLC Micro Pipettes

SKU: 582799503008
  • Extra thin 500/1500 per pack capillary tubes, 0.1-0.15 mm inner diameter, 0.3-0.35 mm outer diameter, 100mm length. Non-calibrated, non precision tubes. Both ends open.

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